In order to ensure that the SafeExpat responds appropriately to prevailing or developing circumstances a number of factors are be taken into consideration. We are in contact for Regular security advice with a number of sources. These include but are not limited to:

  • Global Security
  • Regional Security
  • Government Security Agencies and local security contacts
  • Local appropriate Embassies
  • Peer Companies
  • Open Source Material

All information is vetted for reliability and contextualised, trying where possible to assess the impact on operations and people.

SafeExpat maintain contacts with all relevant authorities and obtain information that may assist in timely and accurate decision-making. We also regularly evaluate this information to ensure that the appropriate level of awareness is maintained and they are in a position to respond rapidly to changing events.

In all cases the decision to evacuate personnel should take precedence over all other information, including information from Home Country Embassies or Consulates, but only if safe to do so.

People should consider operating a staged security assessment process, which will assist and facilitate in the preparation, planning and decision-making process. For the purpose of this document, a four stage process is used by SafeExpat:

STAGE         LEVEL                                 POSSIBLE ACTION

One         Low (Caution)                   Preparedness

Two         Medium (Alert)                Evacuate Dependantst

Three      High (Emergency)           Evacuate Non-essential Personnel

Four        Shut Down (Crisis)           Evacuate Essential Personnel