Four Shut Down (Crisis)           Do not Travel

Preparedness strategy involves defining threat levels based on the growing seriousness of the situation starting with threat level one.

Each ascending threat level represents an escalation in the situation. The Strategy should entail a phased evacuation starting with dependants and ending with essential staff based upon the level of threat.

Normally the situation is expected to graduate in sequence through the threat levels but it may be that the situation escalates quickly to a higher level. If this occurs you should carry out the specific duties for the appropriate threat level and for all lower threat levels.

Triggers Points/Tripwires/Red Flags

  • Military hostilities – factional infighting (coup d’etat). Civil war or armed conflict
  • Hostile and dangerous environment. Travel around region very difficult. Curfews and martial law enforced by security forces
  • Business continuation becomes impossible or unrealistic
  • Advice from relevant Embassy to evacuate all personnel
  • Embassies close down