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Safe Expat is an environmental scanning platform who constantly monitors all open sources and NOT, to inform people, companies and organisations on the basis of reliable data in the fastest by alerts notification

SafeExpat is for people planning to travel, or already travelling or living, overseas.

Our purpose is to help people travel overseas safely, reduce their risks and avoid problems.

The SafeExpat platform provides:

• official travel advisories by alert notifications for 177 destinations

• a free  subscription service, for updates to our alert notifications

• general advice before you go, on a wide range of travel topics

• general advice for while you’re away, especially when things go wrong overseas

Our travel advisories

We maintain travel advisories for most countries around the world, based on the level of risk people may face there.

Each alert notification provides destination-specific information and advice about:

• Security

• Health

• Hazards

• Political

• Cyber Security

We keep all our travel advisories under close review.
we consider information and advice from a variety of sources. This includes from our overseas network of agents. We exchange information and assessments with the consular partners . We also receive information from the OSINT intelligence community and assessments.

We work closely with a range of government and not for profit partners to prepare our advice.

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A team of veteransecurity professionals. We work together to share our passion for make people feel safe, Our goal is keeping aware and safe the expats life/family and business, around the world. We provide experiences that people want and what businesses need, country and city risk assessments and realtime alert messaging.

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