Understanding the Candidates:

  1. Prabowo Subianto and the Advanced Indonesia Coalition: Prabowo, a former special forces commander, vows to continue Jokowi’s economic initiatives while placing a strong emphasis on security and defense. The strategic move of selecting Jokowi’s son as his running mate adds a layer of complexity to the political landscape. How might this continuity and commitment to economic policies impact the business environment for expats and the tourism sector?
  2. Anies Baswedan and the Coalition of Change for Unity: Anies, with his background as a former Jakarta governor, aims to bridge the gap between conservative Muslim groups and urban moderates. His choice of a leader from the largest Islamic party as a running mate underscores a delicate balance. What implications could this coalition have on cultural and religious dynamics, potentially affecting the daily lives of expats residing in Indonesia?
  3. Ganjar Pranowo and the Democratic Party of Struggle-led Alliance: Ganjar, affiliated with the PDI-P-led alliance, prioritizes grassroots campaigning and advocates for a “free and active” foreign policy, particularly emphasizing maritime security. How might this stance influence Indonesia’s international relations, and what impact could it have on the expat community, especially those involved in cross-border businesses?

Potential Scenarios:

With the possibility of a runoff in June if no candidate secures over 50 percent in the initial round, expats and travelers need to stay attuned to evolving political landscapes. How might a prolonged election process impact the stability of the nation and the safety of those living or visiting Indonesia?


As the election date approaches, expatriates and travelers should remain vigilant, understanding the potential shifts in policies and their impact on various aspects of daily life. The outcome of Indonesia’s political transition will undoubtedly shape the nation’s trajectory for the coming years, making it imperative for expats to navigate these developments with a keen eye on the future. Engage with us in the comments below, sharing your thoughts and insights on the upcoming Indonesian elections and the implications they may hold for expatriates and travelers alike.